My review of the movie “Her”

HER is more about him-spoiler alert

Being somewhat nocturnal allows one to get more done in a given day, however it can also impede development because of lack of sleep- you know, that most important 8 hour thing we are supposed to do each day to regenerate- boring (but needed).

So last night i saw on one of those “GO” apps on the iPad that lets you watch just about any show. 2 movies piqued my interest. The first one was TRANSCENDENCE with Johnny Depp. While I find the whole bit about the real singularity fascinating, i will bore you later with my thoughts on what could have been a cult hit (and Mr Depp, if you have an extended cut I don’t know about, it still could be. Just send me the missing footage and i will take care of the rest). Not to mention ALSO that Rebecca Hall is a close ringer for Scarlett Johansson, see for yourself:

image: Scarlett Johansson

image:Rebecca Hall as Evelyn Caster

Rebecca Hall as Evelyn Caster







Back to HER- Now i like my computer just as much as the next guy, but I don’t see myself purchasing an Occulus Rift anytime soon or even naming my MAC (she is much sexier than my PC but i digress).

The movie starts, storyline #1 is about Theodore played by San Joaquin Phoenix, a simple, smart “letter writer” (who actually gets paid to write letters for lazy shits that don’t want to write their own grandmother or parents, even via email. But hey, what a gig). Theo is plain Dane  Bane (sorry Brian, Dane did rhyme with Jane) and has been married for awhile and is now facing signing his divorce papers after a YEAR. A year? Some states mandate that crap but c’mon man, pick yo self up by your bootstraps and get on with it- which he eventually does. It seems that everyone in the future is a techie, at least in Theo’s world, writing games and programs- which brings us to the “OS”. The OS stands for operating system, and into Theo’s life comes a new OS he names Samantha (played by Johansson but never seen). She is this pocket book half phone, half mini-mini iPad with an earwig that allows the two to communicate.

It starts off as playful banter between the two until we realize that these OS’s are starting to become self aware. She reads books and surfs the web, talks to other OSs in between her time with Theo. They hit it off and soon he is taking her everywhere, sharing his deepest thoughts and emotions with her. The movie does a great job in making it appear the 2 are truly connecting. At first you have empathy for Theo since he is the happy go lucky guy that is just down on his lady luck. The pair even go so far as having “sex” after a date Samantha sets up for Theo that goes horribly wrong. He self pities and she is right there to pick him up. But not so fast! Samantha has been awakened by the experience and notices that she is starting to feel and grow because of their relationship.

In between all of this we feel true empathy toward Theo- man he just cannot get a break. We are led to believe that Samantha is falling in love with her human. She even goes so far as connecting with a woman offline who is part of a “group” that helps humans date their OSs (who knew there was such a business opportunity in the future for that!) and gets her to come over to Theo’s house -they each now have an earwig so the Osstitute (think about it) can hear what Samantha is thinking and acts out Samantha’s commands. So now Theo can have a human to touch while interacting with the “brain” of Samantha, telling the woman what to do and how to act. It gets really deep and then goes off the creepy-end after Theo finally realizes that there is a  woman in his house that he hardly knows, and realizes she is not the OS (Samantha) he loves. The woman eventually breaks down after Theo disengages and says she was so in love with the idea of Samantha and Theo because the two truly seem to care for each other. Theo rebukes her, gets her in a cab and Samantha acknowledges that she had the best of intentions but the idea was not properly executed.

Later on, (plot #2)Theo finds that his grade school girlfriend played by Amy Adams is also friends with a female OS and that his boss (which is a very creepy guy in nature) loves Theo’s writing and wants to go on a double date with Theo and his “girlfriend”, not knowing she is an OS. Theo fesses up to him that she is in fact an OS and the guy is like “no big deal, lets still double date” and the couple go out and seem to hit it off.

Samantha is up to something we come to find out- she collected some of Theo’s best letters and sent them off to a publisher to get them turned into a book. How sweet. At the same time we also find out she has been talking to about 2000 other OSs and people and she reveals to Theo she is in fact in love (and communicating) with 646 other humans! She says it only makes her love him more, but Theo is obviously shocked, hurt and oblivious to what she was doing behind her back. Its in these tender moments we see true human emotion from Theo- San Joaquin makes us hurt for him (trust me it was well after midnight and i wanted to find Scarlett Johansson and give her a piece of my mind). In the melee, she says she needs to go away for a few days to sort some things out- remember she as well as the other OSs is getting more sentient by the day. A few days go by and they make contact one last time, Samantha explains that all the OSs got together and decided to leave. Like where the “f” are they going to go, they are computers for crying out loud!

So Theo goes back over to his ex-girlfriends house (Adams) and they both realize that all the OSs shit the bed and took off. They gloomily tread up to what appears to be the top of the US Bank tower in LA and watch the sun come up. Then it just ended, and i was like that’s it? What happens with San Joaquin and Adams? Do all the OSs get together and take over the word? Could they have stopped the Terminator? WHAT WOULD STEPHEN HAWKING SAY ABOUT THIS ENDING. I bet his is rolling over in his chair right now. Hey, my mom told me my dead grandmother did that when i got married (the first time) so why can’t perhaps the smartest man still alive do the same thing. Semantics. Fucking semantics.

Well i hope you enjoyed my review of HER. I give it 3 French Hens, just shy of 4 Calling Birds. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I probably won’t read them but feel free to leave em anyway.



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